Lenton Post Office Stamped Out?

The Post Office on Lenton Boulevard is facing closure. Used by students and locals alike, the Post Office could be shut by the New Year.

The closure is one of 2,500 being proposed across the country in a bid to revive the failing Post Office network. 30 of these closures will be in Nottinghamshire. Postal services watchdog, Postwatch, say “there are four million fewer customer visits every week compared with two years ago.” Changing customer habits such as the rise of internet alternatives have resulted in alarming losses for the Post Office of £200 million a year.

When the closures were announced the Post Office took remarkable measures to control the anticipated backlash. This included sending a letter to all Post Offices prohibiting comments to the press and threatening random anonymous checks to ensure the official line was being followed.

Local consultations are currently taking place to decide the fate of the Lenton Post Office. Many complaints by local customers are being taken as part of this process, especially since the Lenton branch closure would come after £65,000 has been invested over the past two years to improve facilities. Lenton students are being told that they will be able to use the Ilkeston and Dunkirk branches instead. In addition, many of the services most used by students and locals in Lenton, such as car tax and passport applications, are unavailable at the alternative branches. Over 1500 names are on a petition to stop the closure and students are being encouraged to campaign to save their local post office.

We will see in coming months whether the Lenton Boulevard branch will close for good. Whilst closure would be justifiable considering the financial crisis facing the Post Office, the loss of the Lenton branch will also be a loss to the local community.

by Fred Thorling


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