Porter Presence set to Plummet

For those of us who find it difficult to keep track of our room keys on a big night out, life may be about to become a little more difficult. Unannounced to the Student’s Union prior to implementation, the Estates Office have stated their intentions to reduce porter presence on campus. From the traditional twenty-four hour coverage some halls may suffer after midnight with no porter available.

Problems after dark will have to be dealt with in the future through the Security Office, a slower and more complicated process than knocking on the porter’s door ever was. Following the 18th October Students Union Council, questions of student safety have arisen from troubled wardens and resident tutors who fear that more pressure will be placed on them to step in when students are in difficulty.

The Estates Office maintains that the loss of night-time porters will not have much impact on hall life and will enable a more efficient use of resources. Head Porter, Jayne Kirk however declared she had ‘nothing to discuss on this issue’ which raises questions of how this efficiency will be achieved. Gerald Bates, the Student’s Union President insists that the dubious circumstances under which this change was announced are cause for alarm. Upholding that he is ‘here to represent the students’, he is pushing the Estates Office for further explanation of their actions. It is evident in the meantime that students who rely on their hall porter’s friendly face at night have reason to be concerned.
by Kate Langley


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