Flip-Flops R.I.P

Flip-flops in winter? This ill advised trend needs to be brought to a timely end. I can understand how this ill conceived trend took off, but there is now no excuse for being a devotee. When it comes to dressing, most guys are fairly conservative, even those who have the slightest nuance about fashion tend to err on the side of caution. Whilst wishing to follow recent trends they’d rather not innovate for fear of sticking out. So when something new is drawn to their attention they cling to its contemporary status for far too long.

Years ago some innovative gap year student no doubt returned from a summer on Rio’s beaches sporting a pair of Havaianas and in the following months the craze took hold. Shortly after it became impossible to find someone who hadn’t boarded the flip-flop bandwagon, though sadly with only a one way ticket.

In their defence they were refreshingly liberating, a casual alternative to trainers desirable for the globe-trotting kudos they connote. The fashion conscious male, understandably thrilled with his new discovery, proceeded to flog it to death. So isn’t it about time this vapid fad was allowed to gracefully fade into distant memory? There is nothing innovative in persisting to wear beachwear throughout the depths of a miserable British winter and surely the pseudo-Mediterranean statement has grown increasingly lacklustre.

The fact that most men’s feet are repugnant is of little help. Neglected throughout winter, at the first sign of sunshine these unsightly extremities are exposed for all to see. At the beach or on holiday this is perfectly acceptable, but in towns and cities, and especially now that winter has tightened its icy grip, one should resist.

They hold a certain irony too when accompanied by an overcoat, hat and gloves. Perhaps a touch of male bravado is to blame, walking about in flip-flops when it is five below is perhaps akin to being caught without a jacket in the dead of winter? Irrespective, they’ve got to go, to be hidden in the far recesses of a wardrobe until summer’s sunny disposition is rediscovered. Until such time I propose an amnesty, allowing offenders to finally lay their flip-flops to rest.


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