Mark Watson: Can I Briefly Talk to You About the Point of Life?

Mark Watson opened his sell-out show upon the balcony of the Djanogly Theatre, leaning out over the audience (directly above my head in fact), shouting and gesticulating wildly. “Shouldn’t be shit, should be fine, I’ve got some jokes planned for later!” he assured a startled and highly bemused audience, and didn’t he just…

Watson juggernaughted excitedly through subjects in an obviously well rehearsed performance, this being the 31st date of his “Can I Briefly Talk to You About the Point of Life?” national tour. The former Cambridge Footlighter and regular on the BBCs Mock the Week (though don’t let that put you off…) first found fame for his marathon stand-up performances; 24 hours in 2005 and a mighty 36 hour stint in 2006.

He hurtled like an excited child through anecdotes concerning hiccups, near death experiences, jiblets, compliments, meeting famous people (“… and it goes through your head, ‘what if I kill Lilly Allen?!’”), having a stalker and nearly having sex with a man, all in his trademark affected Welsh accent to a rofling audience. On the genius topic of his fake suicide note aged six due to his dad winning Connect-4, “I won’t go into the complexities of the game, but he connected four…”. Watson is a master of making mundane occurrences into dramatic events, though it is when he veers away from the script dealing with mishaps of the performance that he is most funny, pandering to and confiding in the eager audience.

With belly-laughs all round, it is easy to see how Watson has gained so much acclaim on the comedy circuits.



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