Stay ‘Q’-Active at the QMC

There is always one housemate who somehow manages to go to the gym everyday and has the perfect healthy lifestyle of Denise Lewis, generally someone who does a degree which requires little work and limited lecture time!

But what about the healthcare students…Medics, Nurses and such like, who may as well be given permanent beds at the QMC to co-inside with long placements and study hours. So fitting in the trek across campus to the sports hall as well as a social life is some what a challenge. But fellow healthcare students…don’t panic…you’re problems are solved…you can be forever healthy, and a true example for your patients!

Q-Active offers a range of exercise classes at the QMC, from Circuit Training to Yoga and even some Latin and Ballroom dancing! Sessions are held in the Wellbeing Room on D Floor.

Nottingham University has subsidised the service, so in a few weeks we will be offering approximately 100 free memberships for the summer term. Just sign up online…but be warned the free places go fast! If you are not lucky enough this time…don’t worry, all classes are only £1…what a bargain!!

The service is open to all healthcare students who study at the QMC. This includes anyone who has lectures at QMC, such as Biologists. For more information, including a timetable please go to…

……and if you’re keen to know when you can register for free memberships, why not join our Q-Active Facebook Group?
We are also looking for course student reps so please contact us via facebook, if you are interested
Non-members please pay at the General Office at QMC main entrance, open 8:30am to 4pm. You can pay for several classes at once, and use them for ANY session at ANY time.

By Sarah Reavenhall


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