The Cardigan-phobia Epidemic

Whilst many of us would acknowledge that men today have more fashion awareness and the majority tend to take more pride in their appearance than they did a few decades ago. There still seems to be some fashion no no’s that are firmly embedded in the male psyche. My best friend Dave is a typical male student; he is into his fashion and he follows the dress code of the typical ‘Indie’ guy, he is a slim, small to medium framed man and he wears low hung, straight legged (verging on skinny) jeans with white plimsolls that need to be scuffed up even if they are new. His t-shirt collection contains a variety of retro designs decorating the front, one t-shirt even has ‘If your names not Dave your not New Rave’, it would be fair to say he looks like an 80s throw back in this but I love it.

However he seems to have a fear of cardigans. On many of our shopping trips I have tirelessly tried to direct him towards the cardigan section with no success. Every time he moves away horrified and when I actually suggested that he should try a cardigan on he looked at me as if I had just uttered something blasphemous. So I wondered if this fear or cardigans was just limited to my friend Dave or if was it a national phenomenon in some men.

It seems when some men were questioned about cardigans their arguments against them were that this particular item of clothing is only suited to women or males who are of the same sex persuasion. Others even said that it is a ridiculous item that reminded them of a Christmas classic belonging to their granddad. However I would argue that wearing jeans so low they are bellow your boxers and never ever wearing a coat even in blizzard like conditions is more ridiculous than a cardigan. This fashionable item gives a ‘metrosexual’ look which I thought most men would embrace but although many men like the idea of it, in reality this strikes fear in them. My message to men out there who want to wear a cardigan but don’t feel they should due to social pressures is to try one on. You may like it on you or find it quite a liberating experience, rebel against the pigeonholing and buy yourself a ‘man-digan’.
Laura Sedgwick


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