The importance of clothes – for the man

When faced with the age old fashion dilemma – a seemingly full wardrobe yet absolutely nothing to wear – I’ve often looked upon the various garments strewn over my bedroom floor and found myself thinking ‘Boys have it so easy’. Going to uni? Just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt. Going to Ocean? Jeans and a t-shirt will suffice. Even if heading out on a date? Jeans and a (slightly nicer) t-shirt still make the grade. It seems there is a common misconception that there is something very un-masculine about caring too much about what you put on your body, men having to face the ‘metrosexual’ label if they do. But, in a recent survey of what women look for on a first date, ‘being well dressed’ polled in the top 5 of most important features, and US Maxim fashion editor, Stan Williams, affirms this by saying ‘women recognize a man who dresses well – they can pick that guy out of the crowd.’ So there’s the proof; caring about the way you dress is not a compromise of masculinity, boys-it’s time to rethink that jeans and t-shirt combination. For Spring 2008 the major looks for the men are high-tech sportswear-inspired fabrics, classic tailoring, folk style romanticism and 90s minimal looks. The key colours you need in your wardrobe are black, white, grey, electric blue, orange and uniform green. Patterns should be kept minimal, restricting them to vests under plainer layers or on scarves and accessories. As for trousers, they should be kept slim and shaped and turned up at the ends making them a key feature. To combat the Spring chill, layers are a crucial aspect of any guys outfit, with waistcoats over knitwear, vests over long sleeved jerseys and voluminous scarves making a strong appearance. So then boys, it would appear its time for a trip into town (or internet shopping if you’re really that lazy) because the student loan isn’t just for beer and kebabs- it’s for shopping too!

Ruth Hazard


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