The New Alternative

The millennium seems to have become a time where previous decades of fashion are being reinvented, found to be strutting down the catwalks, amongst the glossy pages of style magazines and of course draped around the mannequins in the high street shop windows. Each season an old trend is churned out and broadcast to millions who strive to be “fashionably alternative” by being the first to wear the new item or trend. However what the masses seem to fail to realise is that all these new and exiting looks of drainpipe jeans, fur coats, leather jackets, leggings, court shoes, vintage leather satchels, converses, ray-bans, even the 80’s style t-shirts every second person seems to be sporting on the street…..they have all been done before. To be perfectly honest the only trends the millennium seems to have personally invented are the delightful staple foot wear of Ugg boots. Now as a fervent wearer of Uggs I am perfectly entitled to say that it is actually quite embarrassing that in the grand space of twenty years or so, this is the only original design that has caught on. Surely in an age where the fashion industry is worth billions of pounds and designers are rife, that a new trend should be set, fresh, original and not a carbon copy of a previous decades trend under the disguise of being named “alternative” or “vintage”. The look instead should be the “millennium” trend and I am looking forward to some designer out there, maybe even from within the walls of Nottingham University to break through with a new idea hopefully soon, before the shoulder pads come back in fashion….hang on that was already attempted a few months ago.

By Natalie Bull

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  • Jessi
    10 November 2008 at 23:51
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    What a great perspective, very interesting. I totally agree with you on the Uggs thing. Even though a lot of people say that Uggs are ugly and weird, they are still a huge trend that people seem to just have to have. Its great though that Uggs are such a huge hit, they are warm and unbelievablely comfortable.

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