The Box & Good Morning and Goodbye @ The New Theatre

The New Theatre is currently showing a new double bill spectacle comprising of two highly diverse performances – ‘The Box’ and ‘Good Morning & Goodbye’. ‘The Box’ follows the concerns and hopes of Jess and James – a somewhat desperate couple enclosed in a concrete box; the reasons for such drastic action become clearer as the pair gradually divulge their most intimate woes. Not without lewd references and considerable profanity from James, the couple illustrate their sense of dejection from past events and desperation about the future with forceful conviction.

Good Morning and Goodbye is a farcical but highly enjoyable send up of nauseatingly saccharine Breakfast television. The quintessential smarmy hosts are played with verve, and the play revolves around a most abnormal day unfolding on the set of Good Morning & Goodbye; the real fun starts however with the characters: from the ditsy work-experience make-up artist Alex to the paranoiac of a producer, the events take a comic turn in the world of almost unbearably cheerful breakfast programming; the chain smoking French chef on the show similarly lampoons the sheer inanity of morning TV. We are later joined by a pair of purple-clad cultist kooks who bring about even more daftness to the proceedings, but some observers may find the sexual friction between host couple Grace and Robert more compelling in this entertaining production.


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