Train Station Revamp Planned

Following calls from the council, train operators and MPs, there is growing demand for widespread improvements to Nottingham train station. The work – totalling an estimated £19 million – will focus on updating the signalling system introduced in the late 1960s. It is claimed that these upgrades will help to cut delays and improve the station’s capacity, although plans have yet to be approved.

According to Councillor Jane Urquhart these changes will form part of a longer-term programme of improvements, ‘what we’d like to do over the next few years, is increase the capacity of the station and increase the reliability of the services that we currently have.’ This includes a total overhaul of the design of Nottingham station and the tracks between the city and London, with completion planned for 2011 at a cost of £55m. It is likely that the scores of University students who regularly travel between Nottingham and the capital will welcome these improvements.

By Sophia Hemsley


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