A Quiet(er) Night Out

Pretty soon all the crazy, late nights of Week One will have begun to catch up with you, and you’ll feel like you are slowly dying of freshers’ flu, or may simply want a relaxing evening off to catch up with friends. If this is the case, then Malt Cross is the place to go – the prices are student-friendly and the food is worth it. You can continue in party mode and go for beer, choose to detox with fruit tea or opt for the white hot chocolate with cream and crushed Maltesers (a sure way to get your endorphin dose for the day). You’ll be pleased to know that the juices and coffee used are fair-trade. As well as music gigs there’s an art gallery in the backroom with regular exhibitions. With no sense of being rushed out to make space for more customers, you can quite easily sit there all day, all evening and work your way through brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, drinks, and more drinks…

By Louise Fordham


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