I Went on Holiday and I Took….A Lightweight Camping Towel

The Lifeventure Fibre Trek Towel can absorb 9 times its own weight and dry 8 times quicker than a standard beach towel. Surely it must be the perfect travelling accessory? The must-have hiking tool for weight-conscious travellers who want to make a quick departure after their morning shower? Alas, no! Be warned: the quick dry travel towel is host to a variety of discomforts that could ruin even the most cheerful person’s morning. The towel itself is coarse and uncomfortable and once you have endured the displeasure of drying yourself and placed your towel casually over a fence catastrophe inevitably arises. A fleeting gust of wind whips past and you see your new super-absorbent towel fall in to the dirt…’not a problem!’ I hear you cry, ‘we can just shake that towel clean.’ However, the super-absorbent camping towel will not let go of those little specks of dirt and woodchip so you are left to pick away at 9 times your towel’s weight in crap while the rest of your party enjoys a leisurely breakfast. Perhaps a lightweight beach towel would suffice?

Ranging from £7.99 to £17.99 dependent on size.

By Sam Selmon


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