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Nottingham Cinemas: A Definitive Guide

In the first of many tributes to Nottingham’s rich film culture Impact’s James Warren gives a definitive rundown of the best local cinemas that the city has to offer.

Broadway Cinema
Location: Broad Street (Road opposite Oceana), Hockley

The Broadway cinema may essentially be the centrepiece of Nottingham’s filmhouses. Renovated in October 2006, the Broadway boasts four screens, one of which was designed by local boy Sir Paul Smith with seats baring his signature multicoloured stripes. Films shown span from documentary to foreign language, classic to contemporary and short to epic. The cinema is not only renowned for being the ‘home of independent and world cinema in the East Midlands,’ but is hugely invested in the local community with opportunities being made for disadvantaged youths as well as the generally creative. The Broadway has played host to the UK premier of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and in recent months it has organised Indiana Jones, Dark Knight and Sex in the City themed nights, where film fanatics can dress as their favourite character.

Students: £3 on a Sunday evening after five o’clock whilst weekday prices are only marginally higher at £4.50.

Location: Cornerhouse, Upper Parliament Street

Based in the sparkly, florescent and cornea burning Cornerhouse centre, Cineworld is your regular multiplex with 12 screens over two floors. A place where mass-consumerism will hit you square on in the face and give you a mighty great nose bleed. The cinema comfortably caters for all of your needs, be it large combo meals that Gillian McKeith would thoroughly disapprove of, or a miniscule tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, it is unashamedly expensive but there is no easier (or more enjoyable) way to experience that great big summer blockbuster.

Students: £5. For the stingy among you on your post-freshers’ week dates, we recommend going on an Orange Wednesday!

The Screen Room
Location: Just down the road from Broadway Cinema

From the very big to the oh-so-small with potentially the world’s smallest cinema. The Screen Room boasts a whopping 21 seats and proves to be an extremely novel viewing experience. No popcorn here though I’m afraid, a cup of coffee and a slice of carrot cake should see you through. It does however eliminate that guy who is looking for the perfect golden kernel that inevitably lies at the bottom of his bag of popcorn (I stand up proud!). Showing films that have just finished their general release, it is the place to go if you missed that gem of a film that people have been raving about. Book ahead to avoid disappointament!

Students: £4.20. For £2.50 a year a student member may get in for £3.70.

The Savoy
Location: Derby Road, next to Barclays

The firm student favourite is located at the heart of Lenton, a mere 20 minute hop, skip and jump for all you campus and lucky Broadgate dwellers. The Savoy looks and feels like a building fresh from the 1950s complete with coupled seating at the back of most screens (these cinema owners aren’t stupid!). The Savoy screens most mainstream films whilst occasionally hosting nights dedicated to old classics such as Top Gun and Scarface, as well as the easily quotable Anchorman. One of the few cinemas to allow alcohol into screens, the venue feels more like the local pub akin to another student favourite The Happy Return. If you turn up early to your evening showing you may even be lucky enough to catch Coronation Street being projected onto the wall in the upstairs bar.

Students: £3.50. At this price it’s no wonder that students make this their film house of choice.

Showcase Cinema
Location: Clifton Boulevard

Situated just outside of the city, opposite the house of sin that is ISIS, is Nottingham’s alternative multiplex to Cineworld. Reminiscent of American multiplexes, the general idea ‘the bigger, the better’ may not quite translate to the Showcase. Showing films from your average Michael ‘I Like Explosions’ Bay blockbuster to the latest pixelated figure from Disney, the showcase can accommodate for most of your mainstream film needs. Probably the least popular cinema from the list due to its inconvenient location students rarely attend unless they are lucky enough to own a car. The showcase is however appealing to those insomniacs who may see screenings well into the night.

Students: £5.00. But think of the petrol! Or the taxi fare! Or the walking!

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