One Very Unique Freshers’ Week

It is difficult to explain the importance of Week One to students and organisations outside of Nottingham University. Most universities let a few affiliated clubs put on large events during Freshers’ Week and organise a mediocre Freshers’ Fayre.

At Nottingham University, things are done on a completely different scale. Week One organises dozens of hugely diverse club nights and parties by itself, as well as hundreds of different daytime activities and the largest Freshers’ Fayre in the country.

Competition to become a Week One Rep is pretty tough, and people go to some extreme measures to get elected! Reps escort freshers on nights out, whilst offering advice and support throughout the week. What makes Nottingham’s Freshers’ Week so unique is that it is organised and run entirely by Nottingham students, for the students. Any money made is pumped straight back into the Students Union where it is invested in sports, drama and student welfare. Sober daytime activities are also available and the infamous ‘Easy Tiger’ campaign raises awareness about safe sex and drink spiking.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of all the wicked things which Week One has to offer, make sure you take a trip down to Freshers’ Fayre. There is bound to be something which tickles your fancy and it’s so easy to get involved. If you have already done that, come along to ‘The Big Day of Fun’ which is jam packed with inflatables, food and taster sessions from all the different societies. Soon, the madness of Freshers’ Week will come to an end but we can’t stress enough how easy it is to stay involved in the Uni. There are loads of ways to do it, throw yourself into all it has to offer, and we can guarantee an unforgettable time at Nottingham.

By Rob Greenhalgh


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