Project Design

Fresher’s week meeting and greeting aside, anyone worth their fashion credentials will be falling over themselves to discover what the Nottingham fashion scene has to offer. In addition to all your high street favourites you will find a wealth of fashion gems. To save you some time, we present to you the crème de la crème of eclectic high street alternative styles, in the form of Projects Design.

Project is an independent fashion boutique in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre. Although little known to some, it is famed among many students as the brand behind the iconic ‘I love Notts’ t-shirts. Yet the boutique has much more to offer a student in search of a unique and stylish look.

The Project concept was based on a desire to uphold Nottingham’s traditional roots in fashion and textiles, going back to the days of the prosperous lace market. Such a concept continues to be relevant today, as Project buys a range of both established and up-and-coming designers putting it at the forefront of new trends and providing Nottingham with alternative chic.

Project Design’s nomination and finalist position in the 2007 Drapers Award for best new business serves as an indicator of the store’s increasing prestige among industry insiders and customers alike. But success stories aside, the fact remains that a visit to Project will provide you with the fashion fix you need, whether it be a last minute formal dress or a new look to start the year with. With new autumn lines already in store, what better way to start spending your loan?

For more information on Project Design visit their website Or better yet, pop in store and check it out for yourself.

By Nikki Osman


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