The A-Z of Nottingham

It may seem as if life has suddenly become full of a mass of new names and places which, for the moment at least, seem impossibly hard to come to grips with.

The thought of this distresses us here at Impact, and so we have put together this list aiming at making your life as a fresher that little bit easier…

Amazing Campus – One of the largest in the country. Not a concrete jungle: a green wonderland of aesthetic pleasure – find the botanical and millennium gardens, the Lakeside Theatre and ‘Jen’s bench’ for a mini escape break.

Beeston – Small town just outside the West entrance, scout out Sainsbury’s for when hall food is border-line inedible.

Crave – A rave in a cave (hence, Crave) held down by the lake – keep an eye on the pavement for chalk advertisements: believe us, you don’t want to miss this!

Dino’s – One of the most popular of the copious greasy food outlets. A compulsive end-of-evening pizza from Dinos bestows upon you a magical ingredient to make you feel better.

Easy Tiger – Apparently, this is our mascot. Yes, we are the university whose mascot is a bright orange tiger suit. Far too many people have donned this outfit so if you are called upon to stalk people with free condoms and attack them with a hard-to-remove stamp, have a very long shower afterwards.

Fried Breakfasts – During your student years, you are forgiven for using fried breakfasts as a valid way of securing some of your 5 a day fruit and vegetables.

Geese – These friendly critters may look innocent enough, but avoid their hang outs unless you want to smell of goose excrement for a good while after.

Hallward Library – Our amazing library is open 24/7. This comes in very handy when deadlines loom: I’d recommend 3am use, when you can avoid horrendous computer queues, just stock up on sugar and bring your own mug for when the coffee machine decides to throw a stop and not give you one!

Isis – A club with a ride and burger van inside; Thursday’s become a complete no hoper after a night on their double vodka and economy Red Bull.

Jubilant Squirrels – With these little things EVERYWHERE, you may be forgiven for feeling you have stumbled into a Walt Disney movie.

Karnival – Karni raised £688,485.15 last year alone. Considering most of this was done by getting students drunk, I believe this is a highly respectable and worthwhile cause.

Lenton – Nestled comfortably between campus and the city, Lenton is the most popular locale for second- and third-years. With Jacksons for all your grocery needs, and the Bag ‘O Nails always open for a stiff drink, Lenton has everything you need within walking distance.

Mooch – The Student Union bar, at the bottom of the Portland building. Campus 14s are meant to start and finish here… although finishing is a rare occurrence.

New Theatre – The only entirely student-run theatre in England. Quotation from Impact’s resident over-dramatic thespian on the best thing about NT: “Perhaps the ostentatiousness of it all!”

Ocean and Oceana – Ocean Fridays and Oceana Mondays are certainly hard to beat for good old fashioned cheesy pop and student classics. ‘Fancy a dip?’ is the weekly call to arms for thousands of the student faithful – cheesetastic.

Portland Building – Home to the Student Shop, Boots and most importantly Chicken Joes – a cut price version of Nandos that fits on a meal card – bliss.

Queen’s Medical Centre – I hope none of you will end up here. Unless you’re a medic, in which case I hope most of you will; in lectures of course.

Rag Raids –7am start. Long coach journey. Begging in fancy-dress. Return journey with Karni cocktail literally by the bin-full. According to our Associate Editor, ‘It’s all about seeing people chuck out of the windows on the bus ride home.’

Seven-Legged Bar Crawl – Effectively getting drunk for a good cause. You get a team of seven people and tie your legs together. Suddenly usually easy undertakings such as going to the toilet and negotiating flights of stairs require extreme and precise forward planning.

Trent Building – The only real reason most students go here is for the café. In fact I am pretty sure seminars don’t really compete as a reason to visit.

URN – Student Radio for Nottingham won Station of the Year in 2005/6. Find it at URN1350.net or listen online at www.urn.nottingham.ac.uk .

Varsity – This is the yearly sports competition between the great University of Nottingham and their lesser rivals, Nottingham Trent. I would go just for the cheerleaders. The atmosphere is electric. The banter is rife.

Wollaton Park – An excellent place to clear your head after an Ocean night out; perfect for picnics, duck feeding and Extreme Frisbee.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – Reportedly the oldest pub in Britain (a fact which I will stubbornly defend to my death).

Zzzz – The traditional student lie in, afternoon nap and pre going out doze!

Sam Booth


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