Your One and Only Food and Takeaway Guide

Mange at Mooch

Fed up of greasy takeaways and anti-Atkins hall food? If so, we recommend paying a visit to Mooch on campus. It was only built last year so as far as student unions go, it’s pretty swanky. Mooch boasts comfy sofas, pool tables, friendly staff and cheap food – providing everything you need for a good afternoon/evening. Food is served daily until 9pm and the menu is student friendly: varied and honestly priced. We recommend the Thai Fishcakes for £3.25 – just remember to show your student card to ensure you pay the student rates. Have a post-dinner drink on the terrace and then stroll back to halls or, alternatively, continue your night in The Venue next door. Done!

Steph Aldrich

Dino’s Dial-A-Pizza
138 High Road, Beeston
0115 925 8158

Dino’s is the ultimate in cheap, unwholesome and fast food for Freshers. It is the perfect solution for staving off hunger if you don’t mind the added exercise of dabbing the grease off your pizza onto the cardboard box. They do some great deals for delivery on campus, such as any two 9” pizzas for £5. They also have a selection of kebabs, drinks and desserts, including Haagen Dazs for a mere £1.50. To see a menu and price list head to www.eatstudent.com, which has full menus for all of these restaurants. For a similar dining experience with later opening hours, call D2 on 0115 9788811.

Rachel Whitehouse

Arco’s Pizza
10 Lenton Boulevard, Lenton
0115 950 1119

Arco’s is a higher class Dino’s for those living off campus in Lenton. The staff are friendly, patient, laugh rather than moan at those falling out the door, and even give the occasional drunk a balloon around Christmas time. Choosing a topping could not be easier, since they are in the cabinet in front of you. Coherent sentences are not even needed – you can point.

Rachel Whitehouse

Fortune Boy
8 Lenton Boulevard, Lenton
0115 911 6868

There’s a ten percent discount for students at this Chinese takeaway, but don’t forget to mention it when ordering and to bring ID. The exclusive student deals make it a viable option for those who want to order in food on a tight budget. The Special Dinner boxes are a bargain, the price may be small but the portion size is decent. If you are even hungrier, there are Special Set Dinners, which can be ordered for up to 5 people, complete with prawn crackers, starter(s), main(s) and fried rice.

Rachel Whitehouse

The Ocean Burger Van

Believe the hype. There is no other way to end a 5-hour session in Nottingham University’s biggest night out than with an ocean burger. You may scoff at the thought of fast food being disgusting or simply be more of a kebab lover, but for some unknown reason, the burger van will still beckon after a dip in the Ocean. For the connoisseurs amongst you, cheese, bacon and onions are available as extras, although Roquefort has yet to make an appearance. If you’re wondering why no other food stuff from this glorious establishment has been mentioned, rest assured. I’m sure they do have other food, but if you’re not ordering a burger, you’re in the wrong place…See you in the Ocean!

Hugo Gemal

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  • Nathan
    12 December 2009 at 23:41
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    i am a regular customer to the fortune boy even tho i am from clifton, i ordered a large order tonight of £25.70 from them it toke 1.15 hrs to get to me they said it was due to students.

    i ate some bbq spare ribs n looked at the one i was eating. to be horified i found some kind of animals leg bone in it! i str8 away phoned them and asked for a full refund, they came to my house and saw the bone and DID NOT DENIE IT WAS A LEG BONE, and said they would give me a refund for them long as they had the bone. i refused and have now reported this to Nottingham City Trading Standards, they will be receive the bone!

    dont buy from these i warn you dont know what you are eating from them!

    btw this was fortune bow on lenton Boulevard

  • Sarah
    24 February 2010 at 20:44
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    What type of leg did you discover??? like was it an animal bone (dog, horse, cat, duck, chicken) or HUMAN!!!

    I regularly order from fortune boy and I am horrified.

    I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

    Kind regards

  • Janet
    24 February 2010 at 20:47
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