Bringing Art to the Masses

On Saturday 11th October a new art gallery was opened on Station Street in Nottingham. A night of music and entertainment was put on to celebrate the opening of the Art Salon, the newest addition to the development by The Art Organisation (TAO).

Since its foundation in 2007, TAO has enriched the local community by providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in art through classes, workshops and education programmes. Evening classes currently available include life drawing, photography, comedy improvisation and music, and over the summer the centre ran a photography course for teenagers leaving foster and social care. At the same time TAO has regenerated one of Nottingham’s most derelict areas by turning a disused former police station, hotel and nightclub into a centre for the creation and exhibition of arts.

In fact, the centre has proved to be so successful that its project manager Rob Smith has been nominated for a Reach Out award, a prize given out yearly to a resident of Nottinghamshire who has made a significant contribution to the local community through charity work or volunteering. Smith’s aim is to bring art into the community and he encourages anyone to drop in. He told the Nottingham Evening Post: ‘I want people in Nottingham to be able to pop in any time they like, if people are passing, I want them to just come in and take a look.’

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By Justine Moat


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