Fayre Flights of Fancy

Picture the scene: It’s the second day of your fresher year, you march into the Freshers’ Fayre determined to relive your primary school badminton glory days, capitalise on your piano lessons ten years ago and become the cheerleader you always dreamt of, but along the way some other interesting alternatives catch your eye. Impact investigates the weird and wonderful societies we all sign up to at the Freshers’ Fayre…

So you’ve decided exactly what you want to join and resolved to leave with as much free stuff as you can carry, but whilst meandering along the hectic streets of the Freshers’ Fayre you just can’t help being drawn to the stalls of Notitngham’s most bizarre societies.

Who can resist the plea of ‘Avast ye landlubbers, avast!?’ Having spoken to a group of Florence Boot freshers I discovered that they, like hundreds of others had signed up to PirateSoc, unable to resist the attraction of sword fighting lessons and a permanent fancy dress option. The society promises pirate socials and pirate film nights and various other activities, all of which involve lots of ‘banterous fun.’ It has even been said on the grapevine that PirateSoc, a new society last year, now has a membership to rival that of Cocksoc. On a side note, I’m sure it must have been raised and noted in the minutes at one of PirateSoc’s weekly meetings, but have all the Pirates discovered the Facebook option to change the settings into Pirate language? No longer do you have an Inbox, you now have a ‘Bottle o’ Messages,’ Friends are replaced by ‘Me Hearties’ and events become ‘grog fests sighted from the crows nest’…hours of simple fun.

And how many girls have had to sit through endless hours of Pro Evo? Well let’s hope the boys all discovered ISS Soc at Freshers’ fayre. The University of Nottingham’s society for ISS Pro Evolution and General Football Gaming provides avid fans of the game the opportunity to play on a larger scale, entering tournaments and discussions on the subject. They even plan to send its finest players abroad to compete with the best gamers in the world.

If that didn’t take your fancy then maybe the Neighbours Society is more your scene. This society invites ‘die-hard’ fans to get together and share the Ramsay Street love ‘throughout the uni.’ Or perhaps you couldn’t resist the call to your distant childhood memories and now find yourself on the mailing list for The Role-Playing and Wargames Society?

However, it might not have been the society itself which attracted you to join their cause. I have heard several stories of people joining societies, not because the group itself took your fancy, more so the representative sitting at the stall. And what better way to casually strike up a conversation and supply them with your phone number and name (for Facebook stalking purposes) than to join the mailing list for the… Neuroscience Society, despite studying English and never having had any interest in the workings of the brain.

Whatever you may have joined, no doubt your Inbox is constantly overflowing with emails from numerous societies that you ambitiously signed up for in the first week. The chances are you’ve have never attended a trial, meeting or social and have now probably given up all hope of dusting off your badminton racket, tinkling those ivories again and becoming Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.

Hattie Hamilton


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