Getting to know…Dodgeball with Hans Krause

Name – Hans Krause
Position – ‘Balls of Steel’ Treasurer
Hometown – Frankfurt
University Subject – Maths

First off Hans, dodgeball… why? Were you inspired by the movie?

It’s mixed gender, and as a game it’s fun, fast and attracts a wide range of people. It can accommodate all abilities – we’re the current Irish Dublin tournament champions! I’ve never even seen the movie! We’re watching it at our first social though.

Other than German ruthlessness then, what makes a good dodgeballer?

Ha, it’s very much a team game. It’s very tactical. Throwing together, at the same time, at the same target from all angles is the way to win. It’s quite mentally challenging.

Your university team name ‘Balls of Steel’ has got me wondering…. what is the dream dodgeball pain-inflicting shot?

Intentional headshots are actually illegal, but I guess a straight shot to the thorax is the ultimate. Tactically you aim for the feet.

Right, so you have the opportunity to unleash at an unsuspecting victim’s thorax…. ideally who is it?

Hmm, one of the Leicester Ligers. They find loopholes in the laws and basically cheat. We’re pretty big rivals and it can get quite tense and aggressive. There have been scenes…

Finally, Patches O’Hoolihan – “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”. Your thoughts?

Our training isn’t as aggressive as that but I like to think I’d be more confident dodging a punch nowadays!

John Spinks


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