Isis and AU Officer Crackdown on ‘Hooliganism’

The University Rugby Club has been banned from Isis for four weeks due to alleged ‘hooliganism’ during Freshers’ week. The AU received an email from the management of Isis who were reportedly irate at the behaviour on the 1st October, and have warned that if there are any more problems they will be banning all AU Clubs and preventing any club affiliated attire such as ties. Details of what happened were not officially revealed, but undisclosed sources report that fights and harassment of female students triggered the move.

In an email to all AU clubs, Paul Lloyd, Athletic Union officer, called for an end to this undesirable behaviour, ‘Wednesday nights should be an opportunity for us to go out and show the University why they should want to play sports. The atmosphere that is generated, the team spirit that is built and how enjoyable the social life is.’

Members of the Rugby club have challenged the implementation of the ban and have blamed Isis bouncers of being too heavy handed. One member of the team is alleged to have commented that their ‘banter and antics’ were wrongly classed as hooliganism, and that Isis had overreacted.

By Lorenzo Manzai


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