Rachel Daws @ View From The Top Gallery

You can’t help but smile when you visit this exhibition. The gallery is a bright open space at the top of Waterstones in town and at the moment hosts an array of work from the organisation Norsaca and from artist Rachel Daws. Norsaca is a charity which supports people with autism and to commemorate their 40th year they have put together a collection of work from the children they work with to give a vibrant, fun and exciting exhibition. The art created is mainly textile based such as screen prints, batik, collage and papier mache and are bright, eye-catching and rather inspiring.

A smaller exhibition of Rachel Daws’ work is also on display. This consists of unconventional photographs which challenges our way of looking at a photo. She focuses more on the way we view a photograph rather than the actual content adding an interesting slant on the predictability of some photography.

The Norsaca exhibition is running from 8th-20th October and the Rachel Daws is running from 7th– 13th so I suggest, next time you go into town take a relaxing and enjoyable stroll around the gallery at the top of Waterstones free of charge. I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Katherine Balcombe

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