Surreal 7-legged hits Nottingham

Dusk had fallen in Nottingham, the streets were quiet, the clubs were empty and the city was going to sleep. Meanwhile amongst the students, the cats glued on their claws, the geeks put on their glasses, the tin man and Dorothy dolled themselves up, the pokemon finished painting picachoo and the bobsled team climbed into their bobsled to join in the biggest night of the year…the infamous 7-legged bar crawl. The clock struck eight and the sleeping city awoke as thousands of students hurdled and hopped into the bars and into each other for a night of pure insanity. The night involved weird and wonderfully fancy dressed students dangerously tied together, consuming as many shots as your student loan allowed you at various cram packed bars such as BZR and Walkabout across the city. Once the teams had collided into each other enough times, fallen onto the floor and picked up (accidentally) items of other teams costumes it was time to hit one of the three top clubs: Ocean, Oceana or Stealth. Inside the clubs, Duracell bunnies energised the game boys, cavemen were feeding off vegetables and the 80’s disco divas danced the night away. The night came to an end and the streets were scattered with wigs and fishnet tights, there was still an echo in the distance of “left, right left, right”, and vodka eyes finally shut into a deep sleep. The bar crawl lived up to its high expectations and its now time to recover in time for next years, and maybe figure out how is the best way of walking, slightly inebriated and tied to six other people.

Katie Finger


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