Widening Horizons, The University of Nottingham’s Changing Campuses @ The Lakeside Arts Centre

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the royal charter of our very own University, the Lakeside Arts Centre’s Weston Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition named ‘Widening Horizons, The University of Nottingham’s Changing Campuses 1881-2008’. The exhibition offers a history of the University and the expansion of its technical, geographical, environmental and sporting horizons, thus widening our own with knowledge about the institution that we attend almost every day, and what’s more, it’s completely free!

The hexagonal exhibition room takes the visitor on a chronological journey, with a narrative of the birth of the University and its growth from local civic college into the independent higher institution that we know today. Continuing around the room, the exhibition features several glass cases filled with items ranging from historical artefacts such as preserved letters, manuscripts and books to pictures of the virtual cows used by vetenary students. Sandwiched between these are boards brimming with information about the University’s local cultural heritage, its library of rare literature attracting researchers from around the world, its leap from University Park Campus to other Nottingham locations and eventually to China and Malaysia, its technological advances in sport and communication and its achievements in remaining environmentally friendly. And all this is packed into one small room making ‘Widening Horizons’ a short but sweet and memorable exhibition.

The guest’s comments book shows that the exhibition has been thoroughly enjoyed by the wider public with remarks such as ‘surprisingly interesting,’ and ‘very informative, more please.’ Comments written by both adults and children prove that the exhibition has achieved one of its goals; to ‘be enjoyed by young and old alike.’

So if you want to trace the origins of our university and find out where, what, who, and how it came about pop in to this exhibition before its closing date on the 23rd November.

Sarah Hall


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