A Grim Protest At Careers Fair

The University of Nottingham’s annual AISEC Careers Fair was this year interrupted by unlikely candidates: grim reapers. Students worked together to orchestrate a counter-recruitment programme, aiming to highlight what they describe as the “unethical” practices of some corporations present on campus.

The students held a stall next to the Territorial Army where “alternative information about companies, personal discussion and careers guides could be disseminated”, one student recalls.

According to one student activist, “A Qinetiq representative admitted that he felt the student protesters were doing a good thing, and was ultimately somewhat envious of the passion they clearly had for this issue”.

Students dressed in grim reaper costumes then toured the careers fair for an hour and allegedly were initially threatened with calls to the police by University security.

BAE systems was a prime target for student protest.

Camille Herreman

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    28 November 2008 at 15:30
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    That’s more like it. Voiced out loud and clear. But who knows, maybe nobody’ll make any change. Oh well, I’ll try my chances in every way possible and not involve myself in any ruckus. I’m making my moves for my internship plan this summer and to start off with that, I started joining student resume networks like That will get me at least somewhere other than getting myself in trouble.

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