Become a Referee

So you love watching football, you adore playing rugby but you didn’t make it through club trials or manage to get a team together in time for the intra-mural leagues. Well, there is another way you can be a part of the sport that you love by becoming a qualified referee.

Every year the intra-mural football and rugby leagues have had problems securing referees for the league games so the Athletic Union is putting together referee qualification sessions open for all students to participate in. This could be your opportunity to play a part in University sport whilst gaining an extra skill to put on your CV.

The Rugby refereeing course runs over three evenings of two hour sessions and upon completion you will be awarded a level two refereeing qualification. The football course is named ‘Laws of the Game’ and runs over two evenings of two hour sessions. Once you pass the course you will be able to begin refereeing for the football and rugby intra-mural leagues which take place on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays. This qualification also enables you to referee for clubs and leagues outside the University depending upon the level at which they play.

You can earn from £16 a match so it is a great little earner and you might find that by becoming a referee you may gain a new perspective on the sport and could lead to an improvement of your personal game.

Will Gilgrass, the Intra-Mural Chair, is enthusiastic to get more students involved in University sports, “It’s a great opportunity to not only learn a valuable new skill but have fun at the same time”. Will and the IMS team are hoping to run more refereeing training sessions in the coming month so make sure you don’t miss out!

Who said sport was just for the players? Your AU needs you so get in touch and get involved by emailing Mike Round, the football IMS officer on [email protected]; or Luke Foy, the rugby IMS officer on [email protected], for information about the refereeing training courses.

Hanna Flint


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