Do you know what grinds my gears…

Did you know that out in the streets of Nottingham is an army of crooks stealing students’ money? Did you know they mostly come at night? Did you know that you give these criminals your money every time you pay for a taxi?

Every time a cab driver insists on pre-fixing your fare you are being robbed. Taxi drivers all have a legal set of requirements which are fixed by the local council authority. These rules are in place for our safety and to make sure that passengers are not being ripped off. Apparently somewhere along the line these barrage of dishonest cab drivers (which I sadly believe is the majority) thought it was okay to break the rules, rip off the students who put food on their table, and be rude and offensive to you when you ask what they are legally required to do. It’s not like you’re asking a big favour, or being rude, or doing them an injustice: just asking them to do the job they chose to do and are required to do properly whilst they decide to do it.

The fact is it’s not alright. Without the students of Nottingham the place would be a ghost town and cab drivers would be the first people to suffer. The hundreds of cab drivers who sit outside Isis and Ocean all night waiting for students come out would have no work, and how do they repay us when we come out all jolly ready to give them a living? They take us for mugs.

A spokesperson for Nottingham cars claims they were not aware that so many cab drivers were doing this and that these people are “greedy and trying to beat the system.” Part of the responsibility is with the passenger however. You are obliged to ask for the fare to be placed on the metre. According to Nottingham Cars the practical reason for fixing prices is for particularly long or frequent journeys. If they refuse, ask for their registration; if they refuse get their number plate. Don’t get in the cab – not only are they cheating you out of money they’re also cheating their company.

Once you have their registration or number plate you can report them to their company or you can contact the local council on…

Phone number:  0115 915 6571
E-mail:  [email protected]
Address:  Taxi Licensing, Lawrence House, Talbot Street, Nottingham, NG1 5NT.

You should be paying about £4 on the metre to get into town from Lenton…not £8! The reason they fix a price is to rip you off. You’re not a cab… So don’t let them take you for a ride!

Gideon Golstein

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  • Vanessa Anne Esi Brown
    16 November 2008 at 15:46
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    But, if your on University Park and with a group of people at different halls, isn’t it cheaper to get a fixed price sometimes?


  • Mark
    16 November 2008 at 20:24
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    You can get ripped off by dodgy taxis on the metre too…it happened to me, the metre was going up by about £1 every 20 seconds! So, watch out for that too.

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