Getting to know…Ultimate Frisbee with Matthew Benyohai

Name – Matthew Benyohai
Position – President and Captain
Hometown – London
Course – Chemistry & Molecular Physics

Firstly Matt, could you briefly sum up just what Ultimate Frisbee actually is?

The game is described as a crossed between football, American football and netball. Two teams of seven compete on a rectangular pitch with two ‘N zones’ at either end, trying to catch the frisbee in their ‘N zone’ to score points.

Ok, so just what is it that makes the game ‘Ultimate’?

Well, the games creators thought that it was the ultimate sport, being both faster and more tactical than football. It’s also the fastest growing sport in the world at the moment.

Aside from being 7ft tall what makes a good Ultimate Frisbee player?

Ha, well the best players are tall, fast, and fit. But you don’t have to have any of those attributes to get involved. The sport is open to everyone as there are three teams; male, female and mixed.

Have you ever seen any horrific injuries or violence take place at a tournament?

Quite frequently people get strains and sprains but nothing more than that. As for violence there isn’t a referee which means the players call the fouls, it’s called spirit of the game and generally leads to all parties agreeing with the decisions.

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