Holy Fuck @ The Bodega Social Club, Nottingham, 15 October

Holy Fuck are an experimental electronic band from Toronto (not a hardcore band, as name would suggest). In fact, they look far too polite and clean cut to even swear (but then again I guess it’s all part of that ‘ironic’ image, right?) Names aside, Holy Fuck strategically place themselves amongst the chaos of technical equipment and exciting looking non-instruments on stage. One of which is a 35mm moviola – a device, so I’m told, which enabled film editors to track the amount of film they’d edited in the cutting room.

They begin with some of their more krautrock-esque sounds, luring the audience into their world of strange bleeps and high pitched wurring noises created by the old film equipment. What’s most impressive about this band is that there is not a laptop in sight, having returned to the old way. They use actual real instruments to achieve their sound, which is somewhat unique nowadays in the world of electronica, and makes it exciting to watch as they frantically change keyboards between each song bringing tense smiles every time across their faces. The drummer on the other hand stares straight ahead for the entire set with the concentration of a soldier in a military parade, contrasting with the fact that he’s barefoot.

As the set progresses, so do the songs, which become more upbeat and dancy. “Royal Gregory” is the dance floor winner amongst the crowd, who are reserved as usual but are just about moving their hips to this song. Closing their set with “Lovely Allen”, it’s almost quite sickening just how lovely it all is. And as the crowd gaze romantically into space Holy Fuck leave the stage only to return again to treat us to two encores, eventually freeing us from their grasp.

Elise Laker


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