Impact’s Guide To… The Perfect Quiet Night In

If you were to ask the average student what their ideal night would contain, the answer would probably include going to a club and getting drunk, loud and unconscious (although not necessarily in that order). But to me, the evening options for students, especially during Freshers’ Week, have always seemed a bit exclusive, if you’re not the clubbing kind. At best, this pattern of late nights, memory loss and potential liver damage is somewhat repetitive.

So what are the alternatives for lovers of the quiet life, or simply for those nights when you feel your liver deserves a break?

There are always the options of cinema, bowling or quasar, but in my humble opinion, personalised nights in are often the best. You can choose exactly which cheesy songs you want to listen to and which trashy TV shows to watch. You can help yourself to endless (well, nearly) supplies of food and drink, and nobody cares what you look like either, so you can save yourself the half hour in front of the mirror and get stuck in!

If you’re feeling creative, you can channel this into music-making and cake-baking, ideally simultaneously. When presented with the option of a night out on my feet being deafened in the dark with a few hundred strangers, I would rather spend it baking cakes and singing along to the Tarzan soundtrack. Cake-baking gives one a certain sense of purpose, plus you get to eat the result, something that a night out unfortunately fails to achieve. So put on an apron, turn up [insert secret cheesy music passion here], and get in the kitchen!

And if all you want to do is to eat and watch TV, then so be it. Just make sure there’s some milk in the fridge and you’re well-stocked on the biscuit front, and take a seat. Don’t fancy trying out the perfect quiet night in on your own? Well, you’d definitely be welcome to pop by my house for repeats of Scrubs and a good cup of tea.

Ailsa Mitchell


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