Max Out Your Meal Card

This is the guide for you if you want to know how to make the most of your £4.50 – simply select the meal to suit your mood…

• “OUCH! Hangover!” – A carb overload is required here; in Portland awaits the solution in buckets full of pizza, pasta, chips and garlic bread ready to absorb the alcohol layering your stomach. Sorted.

• “Freshers’ flu. Maybe I should eat more vitamins?” – Stack up on iron to boost your white blood cell count and Vitamins C and D, both of which synergise to help you get more from your vitamin intake. Smoothies range from £2.45 to £2.95 or alternatively just make one yourself – grab 12 pieces of fruit for 35p each, and a plastic cup for free.

• “Crisps, crisps, CRISPS!” – 10 packets of 40p Doritos and 4 packets of 12p sauce for dip.

• “I’m craving sugar…” – 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s finest at £1.80 and 2 packets of 40p crisps. OR 5 cakes/muffins/cookies at 85p and 2 packets of 12p sauce to ice. Impact recommends mint sauce for its high glucose content.

• “I wonder, what’s the maximum number of items I can get with my meal card?” – Legend has it that you can purchase 37 sachets of your favourite condiment. However, act with caution; these can be obtained for free from your hall with your evening meal, so stock up!
And lastly, Impact’s top optimization tip: all Paninis are priced at £2.90 in Portland, when exactly the same Paninis can be found in the Biology cafe for £2.50!

Laura McKeith


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