Not So Much Bingo Wing As Bingo WIN

If you want to beat the credit crunch, get yourself down to Gala Bingo on Radford Boulevard. Because everybody knows the best way to make yourself wealthier is to gamble what little you already have.
After promising my mate a free drink for accompanying me to Gala Bingo, we both entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of things. Being bingo virgins, we were confused by the lingo: books, the dobber (that thing you stamp the numbers out with, and no you cannot just use a pen) and other such bingo paraphernalia that we were coerced into shelling out for. Out of pure confusion we bought a ‘superbook’ for £7 and took our seats in the hall.

We were going to go the whole hog and have a meal from the diner, but decided to take the bingo experience one step at a time and leave the artery failure for next week. Bingo wings are really not a myth at Gala.

It transpired that bingo is much harder than it looks. To quote Carol Vordeman, it appeared that the numbers really didn’t add up. We didn’t realise that the numbers ascend in tens line by line, so took us a good few games to stare bewildered at the page, staring myopically at the big screen wondering how people win money from this.

The game is addictive: despite looking like several cards short of a pack, we sat in exalted silence for much of the two hours, excitedly arranging our bingo date next week. The highlight came when my friend got a ‘full house’ and won £100; unfortunately, we shook hands before we started to split whatever we won, so I pocketed £50. All is fair in love and gambling though?

We ended the evening at the respectable time of 9.30pm with a profit of £43 quid in pound coins jangling in my bag. Kids, there really is such a thing as a free lunch.

Cathy Adams


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