Out With The Old, In With The New?

Fancy trying something different for a night out? Impact has a few ideas.

The Hawksley

Blissfully bored of the Bag? Not hip, hop or happening in The Happy? If you fancy a change from the usual late-night Lenton habitats, make your way up to Canning Circus and check out The Hawksley. This newly renovated pub mixes the traditional and the modern on two levels as it serves a range of local, hearty ales and classic pub grub in a contemporary setting. The lower level consists of the bar, table football and games machines, a variety of comfy seating areas and towards the rear there are the caves for those of you wanting to enjoy your drink in a cosy and secluded area.
Upstairs you’ll find more space to relax, including a covered terrace garden with outdoor heating, an advantage for those of you who are fed up of having to leave your drink and light up outside the front entrance. The Hawksley also houses three widescreen plasma televisions showcasing all the biggest football, rugby and cricket games throughout the year so for all you sports fans you can watch your favourite teams in comfort and style.
With food and drink to match and beat the prices of the neighbouring Ropewalk, you should definitely make sure you pay a visit to The Hawksley.

Hanna Flint

RED @ Escucha

On hearing that Impact was searching for somebody to review Thursday night at Escucha, I was only too happy to oblige – well I do live directly opposite after all, which technically makes it my local. Having previously visited Escucha one Saturday evening I had been left feeling unimpressed and decided it was only fair to give it a second chance. Whilst eternal optimism reigned supreme, it was certainly not rewarded; my repeat visit did nothing to appease my initial feelings of distaste, but rather served to cement my opinion of Escucha as a tacky, seedy bar masquerading as a high-class establishment. It was certainly high class, it was indeed top shelf; the flyer for the night should read ‘vibe: under 18s rave’, ‘dress code: pimps and hos’, ‘behaviour code: inexistent but Michael Jackson/Usher impersonators very well received.’ On arrival we were greeted by polite, friendly doormen, however, subsequently served by a rather obnoxious barman who, on my previous visit, had ever so kindly informed me that he would not make a non-alcoholic cocktail for me as “it wasn’t worth the effort”. Now that’s what I call a perfect model of customer service! What followed was a downward spiral into the grimy depths of Escucha shortly after witching hour. And whilst I must admit that I very much enjoyed the DJ’s selection of R ‘n’ B, peppered with Garage classics, such a playlist did nothing to dissipate the burgeoning posse accumulating centre stage in order to display their moves before their not-so discerning audience – all 20 of us.

Rachel Russell

Full Moon Party

Let’s face it, this vomit-stained dance hall scenario is not the expansive stretch of beach one would associate with the legendary Full Moon parties in Ko Phan Yang, however there is a distinct possibility you will find yourself surrounded by messy students. Seemingly the premise behind this night is to cash in on the student market that spends their summer in Thailand, but the reality is that anyone who has partied the night away throwing shapes in a Thai jungle clearing, supping a bucket of Sangsom Whisky, would not be caught dead in this stain on Nottingham’s alternative night selection.
In order to maintain this moronic fallacy that Ocean is somehow on a par with the moonlight-soaked, Red Bull-fuelled, sordid rave of wickedness that is a real Full Moon party, the mainstream cheese has thankfully conceded to a popular selection of Dance and Drum & Bass. Rather than acting as a novelty that would compliment the club night, the fancy dress is more useful as a twat indicator, pointing out the massively ignorant from the generally unaware – the smiles on their beautiful young faces also tell me they will never know any better. If YOU are one of those people, I’m sorry to cause a fuss, but this hideous dance floor foreplay is not a rave, and will never encapsulate the spirit of Drum & Bass or Breaks communities in Thailand – stop kidding yourself.

Johnny Oceanless

Pub Golf

On Thursday October 9th 2000 Nottingham university students teed off on one of the biggest events of the first term. The widely renowned university sport of Pub golf, which entails each bar representing a hole on a golf course, and each drink in these bars having a par – which relates to the amount of attempts you take to complete the ‘hole’- was played by these 2000 students, all at the same time. The result was a carnival atmosphere in the centre of Nottingham, with all of the participants sporting the glowing white t-shirts of Pub Golf Uk. Not only did participants get to enjoy a host of deals in the bars involved, they were also enabled entry into the student-only nightspot that is Ocean, for a huge after party. Pub Golf Uk itself is greatly representative of the student community of Nottingham, as it is run by students, for students. This newly established company has its ambitions set upon engaging most of the country in this unique and fun bar crawl invention, so other university towns should don their visors and pull up their diamond socks, as judging by the resounding success Pub Golf Uk has had in Nottingham, it is an institution that is here to stay.

Chloe Leighton


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