Overheard In Hallward

I know it’s a common phrase, but it just sounds wrong
All they do is explode Like over my shoulder or something
My mum gets off at 9 Why won’t you take me to the hindu temple?
He’s learning Arabic in French She used chill as an adjective
Such a hash brown
Of course we recovered the shoe
But the gadgets they chose were ridiculous
More boring than a real poker game
I just don’t understand why they have a dead guy on the front
Are you just going on the fact that his face offends you?
Because it’s within my nature to be a loser, that’s why
You gotta laugh or just cry
Come Patsy
Just put your hat on and shut up
Humous Party
You’re cool
The brilliance of the blue jumper never fails
For people who are oversize
I’m vitamined-up for 4 hours now
He’s going to need at least 10 years’ experience before he comes anywhere near me with that needle
Eww I think something dropped off it
With my shoes on, with some guy being sick on me
You’re a joker mate, therefore you can’t wear those
How can anything be kept secret in Hallward?
Err don’t stack Are you sure you’re using this chair?
I’m going to get some scissors, I can’t do it with my teeth
You’d think the music industry was shallow enough not to let someone like her slip through the cracks
Not sure if it’s food, warmth, love or a healthy mixture of all three
Oh my god I used to fancy you back!
It’s the only reality tv programme I’d even consider going on
All I remember is
‘And prively he caughte hire by the queynte’

Oli Holden-Rea


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