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Quantum of Solace – Shameless Advertising in an Otherwise Forgettable Film

Like my car? Buy it! Buy it please!

"Like my car? Buy it! Buy it please!"

“That was c#@p!” the words I heard as soon as the screen turned black and the lights came up in the cinema, and I have to say I agree with my less-than-discrete fellow movie watcher as I checked out the latest release from the Bond franchise.

I have to admit, the film doesn’t really have a story line, we were promised way back when the title was released that when the magic moment came for us to see it, it would all make sense, well… it doesn’t. There really is no explanation for it other than the bad guy’s “evil operation” was called Project Quantum. But that’s it. And as Bond villain’s go, this was a pretty tame one, a small statured man who decides he’s going to steal water? Who thought that up, and more importantly how are they going to get away with making millions for this rubbish?

The queue was out the door on opening night, people were standing in the rain, eagerly anticipating seeing what should have been one of the best films of the year, yet it just doesn’t deliver. If anyone can explain to me the story behind the film, other than explaining the end of the last film, be my guest. Because that’s all that’s really done well in this film, Casino Royale left a few unanswered questions, which to be fair this film does explain but the main storyline seems to be added in as almost a sub-plot.

I liked Casino Royale, I know there were quite a lot of sceptics, and before it came out, I was fully expecting it to be rubbish, but it wasn’t, it was one of the better of the recent Bond films. The only problem with Casino Royale was the shameless advertising, and sadly, Quantum of Solace is just as bad, if not worse. The publishers took care to show specially paid-for, selective adverts for companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ford, Omega and Sony. As for the film, well, every car bar-one was made by Alfa Romeo, Ford or a Ford owned company, with camera angles chosen carefully to make sure the badge wasn’t cut out. There were quite a lot of Omega watches, that again were made sure to be in the frame, and Sony? Oh yes, every phone in this film is a Sony Ericsson with the badges proudly shown in high detail, the worst moment being when Bond uses the ‘new Sony Ericsson face detection’ to take pictures of the bad guys, which had also been advertised before the film. Oh, and the little cameo from Richard Branson in Casino Royale? The Virgin Atlantic Planes are back, tail fins all lit up and a huge “Virgin Atlantic Happy to Help” tag on the guy behind the bar. Oh dear.

This is just one big advert, the story is an afterthought.

Seriously, don’t bother with Quantum of Solace, it is really awful. I think my other half summed it up when she said.. “Well, it was ok, but..I didn’t understand..what was it about?”

And to be honest, I have no idea.

Mike Fryatt

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  • John Conrad.
    10 January 2009 at 03:05
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    I completely disagree. Bond films have always contained advertising, take Martini for example “Shaken, not stirred!” and hasn’t the car always been an Aston Martin.

    Fast, full of action, and frankly the plot is quite straightforward, so if you can’t follow it, perhaps you shouldn’t be writing and article about it.

  • Ryan Hurrell
    17 May 2010 at 10:58
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    well I have to say I can see boath sides here.. on the one Hand it really could have been better made but it is a good action Movie, but i did have the feeling that Quantum of Solace was made in a bit of a hurry dont you??

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