Restaurant Of The Month

4550 Miles From Delhi

Despite being located on the same road as three other top Nottingham Indian restaurants, 4550 is still doing a roaring trade – a testimonial to the establishment’s warranted popularity. With such an extensive menu one would think that the quality of the food would suffer, but from my experience everything I inhaled in that restaurant was very good. I would say however that the 60 or so main dishes make ordering rather troublesome. A good idea, especially if you’re hungry, is to go for the banquet. At £20 a head it isn’t cheap but you get to sample a wide range from the menu and all the accessories are included (naan, rice, poppadoms etc). I recommend to those a little short on cash to stick to the vegetarian options which are about three or four pounds cheaper than their meat counterparts and every bit as delicious…and maybe skip dessert.

Sara Ferrity


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