Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week

Dates: 24th – 28th of November

All throughout the week Easy Tiger and its Cubs will be in the clubs promoting safe sex awareness, handing out free condoms and lube for all.

On the 25th of November from 12pm to 2pm in Portland building there is free Chlamydia testing, A.k.a. Pee in a pot day! All participants of the Chlamydia check up will get queue jump to ocean & £1 off the ticket price!!! That night is Mr. Nottingham!!!

All throughout the week there will be a stall in Portland where we shall be handing out free condoms & lube. Also at the stall and in the all the halls there will be a raffle prize where all you have to do is answer 2 Sexual health related questions on a piece of paper, put your name and email address and you are entered (for free) into the chance to win a meal for 4 with a bottle of house wine at Le Bistrot Pierre, this is again for free & if you could mention their name quite a few times as they are giving us the meal for 4 and wine for free in return for some advertising. Return your filled out forms to either your welfare reps in your halls or the stall in Portland.

Also during the week the Sexual Health nurse from Cripps will be doing sign ups for C-Cards, which allow anyone to go to a multitude of places in Nottingham, e.g. asda, sainsburys, city centre, Cripps medical centre; show their card and get a “pack” which normally contains 12 condoms and 3 sachets of lubricant. When and where will be displayed at the stall.

There will of course be tons of posters up and around halls and campus, which have information on them which ‘may’ be relevant to the raffle.

Wayne Chalom
Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance Week Campaign Manager


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