Students Help Police Fight Crime

Students from the University of Nottingham have been working in collaboration with police to spread crime-prevention information to those living off campus.

In a special one-day event, ambassadors were working with local police knocking on doors to spread the message around Lenton. Melanie Futer, the Manager of Off-Campus Student Affairs, said: “Most burglars are opportunists, and a third of burglaries occurring in the Lenton area are through insecurities left by residents — such as open doors and windows. We’re hoping that by offering some simple advice, we can help more students to take responsibility for their possessions and make sure they don’t give burglars any chances”.

In addition, students are also being offered a free sign-up to Computrace, software that is installed onto laptops which, if subsequently stolen, enables the police to trace the computer. Although burglary in Nottinghamshire has decreased by 43 per cent since 2003, the high incidences of theft involving students’ property reveals there is still a need for initiatives such as this.

Sophia Hemsley


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