The Bar Fact File

Ever got ready for a night out with your mates only to realise that you don’t actually know which clubs or bars you’re going to? Well here’s a quick guide to some of the many bars in Nottingham and what they have to offer:

Cucumara: Nottingham’s own chic cocktail bar has a buzzing atmosphere and a unique range of cocktails to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re heading for pre-club drinks or simply fancy a night away from the clubs, vibrant Cucumara is sure to get you in the party mood.

Yates’s: Strictly not a bar, there is much more going on at Yates’s than meets the eye. Yates’s has something different on each night of the week. From the Cocktail Club on Mondays to Live Music Wednesdays there is something for everyone here.

The Approach: A comfortable yet modern pub, The Approach’s chilled out vibe is just right for sitting and chatting with your friends. With student friendly prices and live music, The Approach offers just the right blend of nonchalance and style to start or end your night in town.

Lloyds No.1 Bar: Situated next to the glamorous and exotic Coco Lounge, Lloyds No.1 Bar seems to fade into the background. In all honesty the bar/pub is not much more than an average bar, with the redeeming feature of having quite cheap prices and Oceana around the corner!

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