The Interview: Gentle Friendly

Daniel from up-and-coming band Gentle Friendly chats to Impact’s Elly Condron about life in the band, the technical aspects of “hitting things”, and where they find their unusual instruments.

So, when and how did you guys meet?

We were recruited by the great saxophonist Thom Hill for his bamitsva band.

You’re Brummies, is that where you live? Do you like the scene up there?


Daniel, your drumming was pretty stupendous at the gig – where did you learn to play like that or are you one of those totally enviable ‘self-taught’ types?

We both sort of suck at the instruments we play in the band. It’s totally primitive. Both myself and David play guitar. I guess we just started using other things so had to stick to it. I like not having any proper knowledge though. Writing good songs is way more important than playing well. That stuff comes later if it ever does at all. It always seems to me that the worst bands are the ones with racks of pedals and stupidly indulgent gear. That’s sort of lame I think.

Where do you find all your machines? Is there an art to playing them or is it really just ‘hitting things’ (as your profile describes)?

The two organs we use were sourced from different places. The Casio was stolen for me from Birmingham University by a good friend of mine from Minnesota. I have a Jen organ and that was brought from an old peoples’ home. I’m going to send them the record when it’s done.

It’s just the two of you. Does that ever get hard – have you ever been tempted to bring others in?

We sort of like limiting ourselves like that. It’s harder to play songs that sound good with just two people. We use endless tape loops and crappy effects pedals. We really just end up using stuff we have found.

Which has been your favourite gig so far?

For me the ‘No Shows Forever’ gig, this was a house show that our good friend Rachael organized. We played one 20-minute song with Baltimore’s mighty Ponytail. They are awesome and it was a really cool way to end the tour.

When can we expect to be able to buy your music in shops?

We have a tape out now with stop scratching and our 7″ “Night Tape” comes out on the 24 November.

You’re playing a gig in Nottingham soon, just so our readers can get an idea of what your style is, if you had to compare yourselves to any bands who would they be?

Paul Simon, Baby Venom, Cave Punk and a bit of Weed Tofu.

Mmm. Cheers.

Catch Gentle Friendly at the Bodega Social in Nottingham alongside Abe Vigoda and Lovvers on the 5 December.

For a live review of their October gig in London go to our website.


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