A Decent Night In

Here at Impact we recognise that you can’t always be bothered to spend an evening mincing the dancefloor in a club that smells like sweaty pits. If you’re a girl, you may not fancy another night being asked for dances by winking, Gareth Keenan-lookalikes. And if you’re a guy, you may like a change from losing your clothes in Baywatch-themed dance-offs. So we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do at home, to show you that you can have a great night without going out, and may even save a bit too!

Casual Social Gathering.

OK, so you’re sitting in front of the TV watching countless episodes of Sex and the City and wishing you could get laid that often, and you’ve already gone through two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. You’re becoming a bit suicidal, so you decide to invite some friends over to relight that social life that existed in first year when nothing mattered. Get some skittles and vodka on the go, make a batch of jelly shots, and you’ve got yourself a ‘gathering’ that may even evolve into a full-blown house party.

Naked Board Games.

Why not put a modern twist on the old school board game; a wide array of nudity-based “family” fun is waiting for you in the dust of your wardrobe’s top shelf. You may be able to make pop up pirate even more suggestive than it already is.

Ready, Steady Cook.

Why not do some quick cooking with your housemates? Root out the most random stuff from your fridge (extra points to be awarded for the weirdest and most unusual foods), split into two teams, and swap ingredients. In twenty minutes cook something tantalising to kick your opponents’ culinary backsides. Whoever loses buys the drink.

Soft Porn? Sexcetera.

The more you watch it, the more you learn to love it. For those as of yet untainted, Sexcetera is a show in which some horny but inarticulate presenters travel the world in search of quirky sexscapades to televise. Quite often, it’s simply an interesting insight into the likes of the underground fetish business, although it does occasionally get quite graphic and perverted when couples are involved.
Set shit on fire. Take a leaf from Friends and have a try at the Fireball Game (you will need a fire extinguisher and the fact that you are likely to lose your housing deposit is also worthy of note). If that’s a bit dangerous for you (and hopefully it is), you could always make up your own game or stick to the old classic Hide and Seek.

Nosy Neighbours.

If all else fails, sit by the window and people watch. You’ll be the first to know all the gossip, watching two of your friends partake in a sneaky fumble before stumbling through the door. If you start early enough, you could poll how many people that walk past your house you would sleep with (if it’s too late you’ll only get wasted home-comers, and without your own inebriation the effect will be something like waking up the morning after to find that the fitty from the night before has magically transformed)


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