Beware The Bogus Taxi Driver

Following a number of isolated incidents involving bogus taxi drivers, police in Nottingham have increased taxi license enforcement. Police activity has increased following a recent attack on an 18-year old who was stripped and robbed after being taken on a terror ride by a man posing as a taxi driver. The teenager had got into the ‘cab’ after leaving Oceana nightclub in Nottingham just after 3am on Friday 7th November.

Detective Inspector Gerard Milano, of Central CID, warned: “We understand a number of unlicensed vehicles are being used as taxis, which are being driven by non-registered drivers”. Police say that the teenager was the third person to be robbed by bogus taxi drivers this year, and the second this month.

The police have advised a number of precautions that should be taken in order to ensure a safe journey in a legitimate taxi. The advice includes checking the vehicle has a taxi registration plate on the back of it before getting in, and ensuring the driver has an identification badge visible inside the taxi.

Emma Petela


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