Blueprint, Alfreton Road, Radford

For those who grow tired of the fancy dress clad hordes of Isis and Ocean, Blueprint is home to a more diverse mix of folk from the Nottingham area. Its website boasts that it’s ‘the best underground nightclub in Nottingham’, so expect to be hit by the less radio-friendly side of the dance music spectrum played at ear splitting volume well into the early hours. Blueprint has a very bare essentials approach to décor, so those looking for a ’nice’ place to take a date might wish to look elsewhere and I’d advise anyone considering using the toilets to seriously rethink how badly they actually need to go. However, all in all a very friendly and unpretentious alternative to many of the city’s more mainstream clubs. Two nights to look out for are the popular Rubberdub and the more student-based Demo.

Frank Jayne


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