Cafe, Restaurant and Cocktail of the Month

Café of the month: Homemade

Just around the corner from Zara, tucked away in a spot en route to Hockley, nestles Homemade Café. You walk in to the sounds of Jack Johnson, chattering staff and contented customers. True to its name, the food – ranging from fabulous sandwiches to brownies and cheesecakes – is all homemade and displayed on a handwritten menu that tempts and entices. The meals are made from local produce and there is local artwork decorating the walls. The strawberry milk shake appeals to the child in all of us, whilst the variety of coffees makes a change from Hallward lattes.
Choose this independent cosy café instead of one of the endless generic chains and enjoy a respite from shopping that will leave you truly satisfied.

Emily Eaves

Restaurant of the month: YO! Sushi

For those not familiar with the concept of YO! Sushi, here’s a brief overview of the unique dining experience it provides. There’s no need to book, just turn up and you’ll be seated pretty promptly. If you’re not lucky enough to get a booth, sit along the bar where you’ll find all the accompaniments to cater to your sushi needs: soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. Dishes wizz around on a conveyor belt and are colour-coded according to their price. Don’t go too crazy grabbing things off the belt though, there’s an extensive menu which you can order from – press the red button and a waitress will come over. For a small price you can have as much miso soup, water or green tea as you want; a good tactic is to fill your stomach with these if you don’t want to spend too much money. Here are a few dishes we strongly recommend though: pumpkin korroke, crunchy prawn ISO, crispy duck & moromi miso hand roll, edamame beans. It’s much more than just sushi.

Impact Cocktails: Dogma’s Raspberry Mojito

A fruity little twist on a timeless classic. Made with fresh raspberries, this cocktail is sweet, fresh and dangerously drinkable. For the raspberry haters among you, other Dogma mojitos include cherry, strawberry and kiwi. It may be a bit pricey at £5.50 (or £4.50 with a Dogma Card) but why not treat yourself to a little luxury?


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