Getting To Know… Korfball with Ruth Evans

Name: Ruth Evans
Position: 1st Team Captain
Hometown: Norwich
Course: Geography

First things first… What does korf mean?

Korf is actually Dutch for ‘basket’ – the aim being to get the ball through the korf more times than your opponent! Korfball is best described as a cross between basketball and netball but with one key difference – it’s played with mixed teams.

How does the game work?

Teams are made up of eight players (four girls and four boys) and the pitch is split into two halves (with a korf in each). There are two boys and two girls in each half, with one division working together to attack and score against the opponent, and the other to prevent the opposition from scoring by defence. After two goals are scored you swap ends and the attackers become defenders and vice versa.

Being one of the few mixed sports, does team romance ever get in the way?

I wouldn’t say it gets in the way, but it does make for some lively socials! Though we’ve only had one serious korf relationship in the last few years.

Finally, with the net being so high off the ground (3.5 metres), has anyone hit a low-flying bird when attempting to score?

As it’s played indoors for most of the year, we tend to avoid this… However, in the summer you can play beach-korf and there’s even a water-korf version of the game, in which case you never know!

Ben Bloom


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