I Went On Holiday And I Took: A Spork

The ‘spork’ incorporates the traveller’s need for a fork, spoon and knife into one lightweight utensil, saving space and weight at only 9 grams. This simple yet wondrous gadget is often a talking point when whipped out by a knowledgeable backpacker as they tuck into an indigenous delight. They are available in over twenty colours, ranging from powder gold to lavender. Should you wish, you can get one reinforced in titanium or Teflon coated. If like me you are a credit crunch-struck student whose cutlery frequently vanishes, what could be better than a one piece, snazzy coloured, and instantly recognisable utensil? You can even take it on a night out to devour that lusciously greasy kebab on the way home. Now, whatever you do, don’t confuse a spork with a woon – a wooden implement used to dig ice cream!

I feel it necessary to divulge a little factual history of this mechanism; you never know, it might be the answer to a pub quiz. The first application for patent was proposed in February 1874 and invented by Samuel W. Francis. During the Second World War, General Douglas McArthur decreed that the Japanese were uncivilised by using chopsticks. Fearing that the nation may turn on him using their forks, the spork was introduced internationally. Apparently in front of the chemistry building on the Kansas State University campus there is a giant 25 feet tall spork. Surely that would better eye-candy than Jubilee’s ‘Aspire Tower’.

Chloë Painter

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  • Nadine
    24 March 2010 at 13:59
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    this is amazing im going a project on the spork at skool and this really helped out for my technology project. you have the thanks from an 8th grader but i have one question… why the heck would some1 make a 25 ft tall spork if you odnt have a really big food bowl 2 use it for?!?!?!?!? it just doesnt make any sense to me lol anyway thanks again

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