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Impact Boldly Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before… Star Trek

For the Trekkie:

If you are a Star Trek fan then you may be forgiven for feeling apprehensive about the upcoming film. The director, JJ Abrams, stated that he isn’t a fan of the show; probably the only thing I have in common with him apart from being at the same preview in Leicester Square last month.
However, I will start by assuring you that the continuity of the saga is upheld, as well as the cast’s personalities. The footage depicts Kirk as a maverick genius-cum-fighter, whereas Spock remains superficially logical, albeit with repressed emotion creeping across his features. Sound familiar?
We see Scotty as a quirky, madcap engineer, nonchalantly spouting astrophysics in a cheery Scottish accent. Dr who? Dr McCoy, yes, he’s there too, dropping catchphrases casually for the fans to grin at (“Dammit Jim!”), whilst John Cho is a perfect 21st century choice for Sulu, exerting calm and authority with his katana.
With no rewriting of history, expendable extras in red shirts and a cameo from Leonard Nimoy as ‘Old Spock’, it’s clear that not only is the franchise safe, but that Trekkies are going to go wild for this film. Except for Picard fans.

Jamie McTulloch

For those who enjoy a bit of daylight:

Lost and Fringe fanboys may rejoice as their saviour JJ Abrams is making (restarting?) another addition to a dying/dead franchise. We have the likes of Simon Pegg, Eric Bana and that Korean guy from Harold and Kumar (John Cho) to pull us into the cinema and part us from our hard earned cash. So far, so bland.
We see an ultra-futuristic earth (Iowa with a few monolithic structures in the background), a futuristic spaceship (the Enterprise, we are told) and futuristic weapons in futuristic fights. From the footage, I’m pretty sure it is in the future. Well done Abrams, I get it!
Will it appeal to a wider non-Klingon-speaking audience? Shockingly, this is a tough one. There is the usual insipid, faux-prophetic, Abrams-esque character development – “you were always born to be different”. The film also strives to be seen as a separate entity to past Trek entries – so no need to panic, there are no signs of a Shatner alien-shagging farce.

Glynn Nimron

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