Nottingham BNP Member Exposed

A British National Party (BNP) membership list leaked on the Internet has potentially revealed a local club owner as a member of the party. Released in November, the list contained over 12,000 names, addresses and contact details of members of the far- right party across the country.

The publication of the list revealed almost 300 BNP members living in Nottingham. Nick Griffin, party leader, admitted that the list was “essentially genuine” with regards to members in 2007, but said it included the names of some who had never been part of the party. The owner of Blueprint club in Radford featured on the leaked list but has previously denied involvement with the party. The club is host to several different student nights in Nottingham, many of which support or promote anti-fascist views.

On attempting to protect its membership list, BNP leader Nick Griffin admitted to The Guardian that the party was relying on the Human Rights Act, based on the European Convention on Human Rights, to retain its privacy, a convention that the BNP opposes. In an interview with the BBC, Nick Griffin described the leaking of the membership list as “a disgraceful act of treachery” by former members.

Camille Herreman


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