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Students of Nottingham – at whatever point you are in your university career, soon you will graduate with more debt than students have ever had before, into the biggest economic crisis since the depression. There are two things which make this better: Obama is the first attractive President since Kennedy (he could lead my free world any day) … and comedy. Stephen Colbert announced last year what he loves about comedy: “you can’t laugh and be afraid at the same time – of anything. If you’re laughing, I defy you to be afraid”. Please find below an introduction to the most prevalent purveyors of Anti-Fear in Nottingham…

Just The Tonic

What: Has been described as one of the best comedy clubs in the country, and, fact fans, where Ricky Gervais did his first ever live gig.

When/Where: The Approach bar, every Sunday. See for details.

Who: Josie Long, 8th February, £8

Various Comedy Geniuses, Every Sunday, £8

Sean Lock, Tim Vine, Stewart Lee, Ed Byrne and Josie Long, 15th Anniversary of Just the Tonic @ The Royal Centre, 13th June, £20

Nottingham Playhouse

What: By day, intimate theatre for gritty dramas about the Armenian massacre, and suchlike. By night, crimefighting (not really) comedy venue. A hightlight of last year was Simon Amstell doing his pre-Edinburgh warm-up show.

Where: Between Canning Circus and Market Square. See

Who: Mark Watson, 27th Feb, £15

Ed Byrne, 7th April, £14

The Royal Centre

What: Big, massive theatre. Really, it’s huge. Most of the prices for the comedy gigs are the same wherever you sit, so try not to end up right at the top, at the back, next to the shouty weirdos. Trust me.

Where: Right in the centre of town, try not to get run over by a tram. See

Ross Noble, 24th April, £18

Russell Howard, 11th June, £15

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