Overheard In Hallward

What’s a massage bar?
You can’t call that a present
Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist
Because literally yeah both of my grandparents are like passed away or whatever
Beating my own trumpet Mum jokes never get old
I’ve had enough of men-bashing He also wants some under armour
The coffee table will have to do
Two words right… round laptops
Maybe they’re just talking about how filthy your keyboard is
I stress myself up and then I just do it Who’d have thought Futurama was so profound
Whipped cream just seemed to be an integral part of my childhood
They were rating bust-firming creams
They miss out the scene in the pub though I managed to get out of the bottom of the glass by pouring another one
Coffee Good Morning Bad
It’d be great if you married for love and he was a binman
That’s nice, that’s nice, I can punch you in the face now We were just considering whether or not to be politically correct
When you gotta go, you gotta go
You can’t really use plop to describe anything else
And a third of it is just my own crap, but that’s going to run out soon
In a stupid game his name would win
I’d worry if Gok Wan wasn’t gay
It’s perfectly legitimate that I need a haircut
You’ve really got to push past the itchy phase
I just don’t know how I feel about the hug because he’s seen my boobs you know
Pick something other than a cardigan
The settlement of the free peasants is actually quite an apt description
Maybe Christians don’t like mince pies
Top Winner ?

Oli Holden-Rea


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